First Blog Post

Hey all, Drew here... Lead guitarist, sometimes-lead vocalist, webmaster, and now blog extraordinaire! I'm very excited to announce the birth of this brand new band blog, which I will of course update regularly and not neglect after a week or so. 

So let's see, hmm. Oh yeah. Yesterday we premiered our first ever single, "A Yes Or A No," which can be heard above. It was featured on the front page of Baeblemusic and got over 200 Facebook shares in 24 hours — not too shabby! (A big shoutout to Juliana at Effective Immediately Public Relations for making that happen.) 

As of right now we're pushing the single and finishing up the final touches of our EP which, though still untitled, will be available in May. And sorry, no April Fools Day prank this year. But you better be on guard 365 days from now. 

Thanks for all the love,

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