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Lots of Recording for Album #2! 

It was so nice to get out of the city for a few days, especially because we spent three days recording in Visalia, CA with our good friend Luke.

Adam spent a day laying down bass. I (me, Drew) took a while to track electric guitars for a new song (called "Empty Sidewalk") -- plus, I did a bunch of vocals that we may or may not keep.  


All in all, a very productive trip to cow country. More to come... 

<3 Drew

Moving to Los Angeles!  

Hello, everyone. Drew here. I have some exciting news...

Considering all the [unexpected] attention our album has received, we've decided to relocate to the Entertainment Capital of the World! Zack and I are headed out in early September, and Adam will move [hopefully] not too long after.

We've had a really great experience playing in Boston, New England, and the east coast in general. From the surprise crowd waiting for us in the Lower East Side, to the many energetic Friday nights at Blackstone, we've had a blast. However, we feel that in order to pursue an actual career as recording [and touring] musicians, we need to go where the industry is. 

Plus, winter kinda sucks too... 

We'll be back to visit though!

<3 Drew

Winter News 

So the band is relocating to LA. Not Louisiana, no, the city/county/region in California. So that's exciting. Also we have a new single coming out on 2/2. It's called "Rock n Roll Band" which no song has ever had as a title before. 

I'd say more, but why not let the tunes speak for themselves? See ya in a week!

<3 Drew


EP is out, and we're about 

Omg, the EP is out. Get it HERE, quick!

Also... Boston Calling weekend we're playing ACROSS THE STREET after the headliners end. Come for the music, stay for the shitshow. (For more info, may I direct you HERE)

Ok, stay golden my ponies. 
<3 Drew

Release Date, Shows, Etc 

So about that EP. Titles are hard to come up with, so we're going with self-titled. (Maybe we'll pull a Weezer and do that for several releases.) It was either that or untitled, which is just plain confusing.

As for the release date? Turns out that just because the collection of songs is finished, it doesn't mean it can be released right away. So our ambitious May 5th date has been pushed back to a much more reasonable May 19th. Apparently nine days mean a lot in the marketing world ;) 

Oh, and a buncha shows this weekend. Hope to see you there!

<3 Drew

First Blog Post 

Hey all, Drew here... Lead guitarist, sometimes-lead vocalist, webmaster, and now blog extraordinaire! I'm very excited to announce the birth of this brand new band blog, which I will of course update regularly and not neglect after a week or so. 

So let's see, hmm. Oh yeah. Yesterday we premiered our first ever single, "A Yes Or A No," which can be heard above. It was featured on the front page of Baeblemusic and got over 200 Facebook shares in 24 hours — not too shabby! (A big shoutout to Juliana at Effective Immediately Public Relations for making that happen.) 

As of right now we're pushing the single and finishing up the final touches of our EP which, though still untitled, will be available in May. And sorry, no April Fools Day prank this year. But you better be on guard 365 days from now. 

Thanks for all the love,